Master-class of Sabina Aliyarova

September 21st, 2008

The interest of the audience to the last official working day of the International Calligraphic Exhibition was beyond expectations. Today’s lectures and master-classes as well as the exhibition itself attracted a great number of guests.


This day, in the last master-class of the business programme, a young talented calligrapher  Sabina Aliyarova, student of master Petr Petrovich Chobitko, taught the beginners art of calligraphy with a thin pen.


The last master-classes

Master-class of Sabina Aliyarova  


“Thanks to calligraphy aesthetic, feeling of the form develops. Here comes the understanding that human beings are far behind the perfection while pen and brush cut the distance. Calligraphy interprets the music of one’s soul,” thus the young artist expressed her attitude towards the art of calligraphy.