Master-class of Petr Petrovich Chobitko

September 19th, 2008

The Third day of the International Calligraphic Exhibition was linked with a vivid event that was a joint master-class of Petr Petrovich Chobitko, Chairman of the National Union of Calligraphers and his student Olga Varlamova.

The subject of the master-class was the peculiarity of writing ancient canon, semi-canon, cursive and semi-canon cursive with a broad-end instrument such as: a reed, pen or brush.


Master-class of Petr Chobitko

Joint master-class of Petr Chobitko and Olga Varlamova 


For sure, the chance to see the creation of calligraphic chef-d’oeuvre by the author of the first handwritten Constitution of the Russian Federation  is a great pleasure for everyone. No wonder that there was not empty space in the room long before the master-class began and a number of people wishing to attend the event were standing.


Master-class of Petr Chobitko



Olga Varlamova, who participated in the master-class with Petr Chobitko, has studied script and calligraphy since 2002 under his supervision. The really talented and youthful girl of 24 has already participated in many exhibitions. Olga has taught calligraphy in a Sabbath school and courses at the cultural and educative centre, this year book “Az, buki” has been issued at which Olga worked as an illustrator and designer.

Master-class of Petr Chobitko

Olga Varlamova demonstrates her calligraphic talent


After the end of the master-class guests thanked the exhibition committee for the opportunity to participate in such an interesting and educative event which undoubtedly became a true ornament of the business forum.