Birch bark to computer. Days of Slavonic writing at Contemporary museum of calligraphy
May 22, 2010
On May 22 the Contemporary museum of calligraphy began celebrating the Days of Slavonic writing. The guests could see a new exposition that included true masterpieces of Slavonic calligraphy. 
Days of Slavonic writing at the Contemporary museum of calligraphy
May 19, 2010
From May 22 to 23, 2010 our Museum will open a special exposition “Slavonic writing. Origin, history and progress”. We also welcome you to live performances and presentations on traditional Russian handwritings and lettering styles.
New oeuvres of our project
May 18, 2010
The International Exhibition of Calligraphy was recently added by an artist and calligrapher, also known psychoanalyst Hassan Makaremi.
A famous ayurveda doctor at the Contemporary museum of calligraphy
May 14, 2010
Today we were visited by a famous ayurveda practitioner doctor Naushad.
Our Victory at the Contemporary museum of calligraphy
May 07, 2010
Today, May 7, on the eve of the 65th Anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War we held a special honoring of our veterans.
May 1945. Peace. Life. Love
May 06, 2010
Russia together with the whole world celebrates the day when the most terrible war in history was over. To specially mark it the masters calligraphers from all over the world have sent us their inspired art works.
The Contemporary museum of calligraphy has joined the “Ribbon of St. George” action
May 06, 2010
We cherish and hallow the memory of our fathers and grandfathers who were hoping on and fought for peace.
Is there anyone in Moscow who writes nice?
May 04, 2010
And why should anyone bother how to handwrite? It is far easier to tape what you want on computer… This and other related issues were discussed by TVC broadcasting company.
Calligraphy — secrets of success!
April 30, 2010
This was said by one of the prominent businessmen, CEO of Apple and just an outstanding person Steve Jobs in his commencement address to 2005 Stanford graduates. Though five years already have past, but we are to share his speech with our audience.
The Contemporary museum of calligraphy’s exhibit booth to receive a diploma Moscow Union of Designers
April 27, 2010
The Moscow Union of Designers recently awarded a special Diploma the exhibit booth of the Contemporary museum of calligraphy.
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