A welcome letter from the International Council of Museums

On the occasion of the Grand Opening of the National School of Calligraphy (Moscow), the Contemporary museum of calligraphy received a welcome letter from the International Council of Museums (Russia).


Vladimir Ilyich Tolstoy,
the president of International Council of Musemus (Russian Committee),
the director of the Museum «Yasnaya poliana», an essayist, a journalist.
Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy‘s great great-grand son


«…It is such a pleasure that a rare art of calligraphy is being kept and nourished these days in the works of famous artists who have taken part in a series of exhibition projects. Besides, I am happy that this art also attracts a great number of exhibition visitors and guests. Last but not least, governmental authorities, officials, media people and general public were also the ones who showed their interest in the calligraphic art. The result of the recent exhibitions and an ever-growing interest in calligraphy was an initiative to launch the first-ever National Career School.

The International Council of Museums in its pursuit of preservation and promotion of museum collections that are an integral part of the national and world culture; development of calligraphy merging material and non-material cultural heritage to which UNESCO is displaying special attention, would like to specify the importance of this project and its willingness to further support the Contemporary museum of calligraphy as well its mission to preserve this unique art for the generations to come – generations that need an attitude of care, sense of protection and sustainable development. Besides, the Russia-based International Council of Museums believes that the success of this project will help facilitate closer ties with other cultures and solidify relations between a variety of countries.

I wish the National School of Calligraphy, being a refined and distinguished project of the Contemporary museum of calligraphy long life and brilliant opportunities, while all their students – best of luck, many successes and pleasure that they will find in their closeness to the delicate art of calligraphy”.


Тhe fragment of a valuable and such a pleasant letter


The Contemporary Museum of calligraphy expresses its gratitude to the International Council of Museum based in Russia for its unrivalled attention toward the project and their valuable support.