All you can see at the III International Exhibition of Calligraphy. Part I

The Arts Fund of the International Exhibition of Calligraphy is welcoming new art pieces that differ in their techniques, styles and mood.

From the Fragments of Parmenides is the first ever art piece written in the Greek language that enlarged the collection of the fund. Its author Georgia Angelopoulos was born in Canada, still she is Greek in heart. The artist displays avid and deep interest in her roots and devotes most of her spare time to learning Greek writing and scripts.

The Lip print is another valuable addition to our collection. This work full of motion and freedom is made by Ganzorig Alyeksandr, a calligrapher from Mongolia.

Another kind of motion can be seen in the play of lines in the work of Hans Maierhofer “Once and For Ever”. A German calligrapher considers lettering to be music for one’s eyes. And his fabulous art piece demonstrates this idea to the fullest extent, as it has lines smoothly flowing and washing one another to create a single whole with the beginning and the end.

The print and background dynamics is perfectly revealed in the work “Someone” by Linda Renc.

It is wonderful that from time to time calligraphy goes perfectly fine together with not just a drawing but also with an embroidery pattern. Borghild Telnes, whose works are distinguished for a woman’s softness, tenderness and warmth. She used her needlework techniques as a graphic arts in her Lilies in the Field. Mathew 6: 28-29.