The Exposition of the III International Exhibition of Calligraphy is Finally Approved


During one month and a half Moscow was showered with new works created specifically for the III International Exhibition of Calligraphy. It was a real challenge to pull together art pieces of 67 authors coming from 27 countries. Finally their works reached the Contemporary museum of calligraphy, where they were carefully unpacked, classified and snapshot to be further prepared towards the transportation and exhibit in Velikiy Novgorod.


Artem Liskiv – a custodian of the museum collections


The museum personnel had luck to be the first to have a look at magnificent pieces of art, true calligraphic masterpieces, from Mongolia, the USA, China, Norway, India, Malaysia, Syria, France, Iran, Germany, Great Britain, Israel, Jordan, Ethiopia, Japan, Georgia and many other countries. As usual, works that came from Russia, Ukraine and Byelorussia differ in styles and topics. All in all, the Exhibition in Novgorod will bring together 180 calligraphic works and canvases, manuscripts and even sculptures.


One of the new 180 art pieces


The major part of exhibition pieces will be devoted to religious and spiritual ideas and issues to become a vital part of the sacral calligraphic collection. Its presentation will be performed by UNESCO in the year 2011.


V. Shapovalov. “This precept of mine, love each other as I love You”


All new works will be shown in the catalogue of the III International Exhibition of Calligraphy, which is being printed right now to become the third volume in the catalogue collection of the International Exhibition of Calligraphy.
Apart from the works to be shown for the first time ever, the exposition will feature the best art pieces preserved in the funds of the Contemporary museum of calligraphy. These works have already inspired and enchanted specialists and calligraphy amateurs in Saint-Petersburg (2008) and Moscow (2008, 2009). On the whole, the works of 110 calligraphers coming from 40 countries will be exhibited in Novgorod.