Cherished memory of Ilya Trofimovich Bogdesko

March 29th, 2010
March 29th, 2010 the national and international community of calligraphers has suffered a dramatic loss: Ilya Trofimovich Bogdesko, a member of the National Association of Calligraphic Arts, a participant of the International Calligraphic Exhibition, a highly recognized calligrapher, a People’s Artist of the USSR and a full-fledged Member of the Russian Academy of Arts, has passed away.

We mourn the death of this prominent painter, eminent calligrapher and just a remarkable person, whose works were a truly beautiful and inspiring addition to the expositions of the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy as well as to a great many international calligraphic events organized by the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy jointly with the National Association of Calligraphers. His works and ideas have so far become a guiding map for those admiring the art of calligraphy and those who are real adepts in this, i.e. professional designers, painters and calligraphic masters.
The MVK International Exhibition Company, all members of the National Association of Calligraphers, and participants of the International Exhibition of Calligraphy are grieving over the untimely death of this remarkable person together with his family and friends…

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