Guests of the III International Exhibition of Calligraphy in Velikiy Novgorod will see a new monument of art of XXI century


A new art monument, the Golden Quran, will be demonstrated as part of the III International Exhibition of Calligraphy, to be held in Velikiy Novgorod, at Yaroslav's Court from September 10 till September 12, 2010.


Page of “the Golden Quran”


In 2009 “the Golden Quran” was exhibited in the context of the II International Exhibition of Calligraphy on the territory of educational museum complex “Sokolniki” in Moscow. Famous fine art experts, art dealers, journalists came over to contemplate the unique masterpiece.


The famous journalist Mikhail Parfenov admires “the Golden Quran”


The only and exact copy of the most ancient Islamic manuscript dated to the 8th century “The Quran of Uthman” is made of Au 999 gold at the Moscow Mint of the Ministry of Finance of Russia in 2006 by request of the “WT” company. “The Golden Quran” consists of 163 plates according to the number of pages of the original. It took the Moscow Mint a year and a half to make the copy. This work of art is of the highest museum quality and has no analogues in the world. The world’s most ancient manuscript is the property of the Russian Federation kept in St. Petersburg Institute of Oriental Manuscripts of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

In Moscow the Golden Quran was demonstrated for one time only in the State Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts in 2007. Some pages of the Golden Quran were exhibited at the international shows in Iran (2007), Bahrain (2008), Libya (2008), Russia (2009), Egypt (2010). The Golden Quran was awarded with many diplomas by different institution, including the Administration the President of the Russian Federation.

His Holiness Alexis II Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia wrote that “presentation of copies of the ancient Quran manuscript to the leaders of Muslim states will contribute to improvement of friendly international relations”.

Thus, in March 2009 a golden copy of one page of the most ancient manuscripts dated to the 8th century was presented to the King of Saudi Arabia, Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud. The gift was presented by Veniamin Popov, Ambassador and Director of the Centre of Partnership and Civilizations. The Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation Mr. Avdeyev was present at this event at the Royal Palace ArRiyadh.


The Ceremony in the Royal Palace ArRiyadh


“The Golden Quran” is a unique piece of art and a symbol of Russia’s respect of all the people practicing Islam and its values. It is aimed at rapprochement of people of various nationalities and confessions in Russia and all across the world.

Director of the State Hermitage, M. Piotrovsky


“The Golden Quran” is a new culture heritage of the 21st century and universal heritage of the humankind.

Director of the State Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, I. Antonova


We are proud with the fact that Russia preserved the ancient manuscript of the Quran for the humanity. The Russian craftsmen managed to reproduce the holy wording in the noble metal that keeps it forever.

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, A. Saltanov